One treat per week…

Welcome to Bakery Bites!

Here’s the scoop

Each week I bake a treat. From French cookies and pastries to rustic apple tarts, you can sample  all these carefully crafted treats at truly affordable prices. Each Saturday I send out a description of the week’s baked good to the Bakery Bites email subscription list. You order by Monday [midnight] and on Thursday your treat will be available for pick up or pre-arranged delivery to a southside location from the UC Berkeley campus.


I operate out of Berkeley.  I am willing to take orders from throughout the Bay Area if you are able to provide your own transportation.

For larger orders please contact me at tastybakerybites[at]gmail[dot]com.

I shop for ingredients at local produce market(s) and fill in the gaps at Trader Joe’s.

Interested in subscribing to my weekly email for ordering the treat of the week?

Email me |  tastybakerybites[at]gmail[dot]com.

Leave your name and a quick hello – I will confirm your subscription and you’ll begin receiving a notice on Saturday as to the treat for the coming week.


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