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Sable Breton & Ganache Mini Cake

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Week 32 | 9.22.2010

I’ve been spending much too much time thinking about homemade graham crackers in the past few days. My dear friend, who can apparently read my mind & mood, invited me to come along to a fire-pit s’more eating event last night. A delicious, toasty & bright evening of meeting new friends and smelling of campfire (and making my pillow smell of campfire…). All this to say I’ve been inspired by meringue, chocolate and a sticky-sweet child’s dessert.

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Puff Pastry

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Pâté feuilletée. Hm, where to begin. Prepare for a wordy post.

Puff pastry is a delicious base for any number of sweet or savory pastries. It’s hard to go wrong when you start off with a pound of butter! Despite its impressive puffy transformation from 1/8″ to inch(es) and the laminating technique of layering butter between the flour-water detrempe, the dough is not difficult to make.

The recipe below is from a one-day pastry class with the owner of La Bedaine, a tiny French bakery-deli-prepared meals shop on Solano Ave. in North Berkeley. Read the rest of this entry »