Caramel Flan and Caramelized Banana Tarts

In custard, fruit, tart on January 10, 2011 at 13:44

Week 46 | January 10, 2011
Yikes! I spy one ripe banana, but ripe bananas make for the best caramelized fruit. It’s still the perfect weather for comforting warm custard and caramel. Unfortunately that means it’s freezing outside.

I’m envisioning some sugary nuggets of banana nestled in a sweet tart dough and covered with a caramel flan. Sounds good no?

Tarts are a multi-stepped dessert project to tackle but once you break up the steps over a few days it becomes seems much more approachable. Imagine a life without tarts? Never!

Start with your pastry dough or crust, make a large back and save the extra in the freezer. Next time you’ll be one step down from the get-go.

* Always chill / rest your dough after manipulating it in any way, i.e. mixing or rolling out your dough. The gluten in the dough needs time to relax after being handled, this will ensure that your tart shells won’t shrink.


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