Sable Breton & Ganache Mini Cake

In cake, chocolate, pastry, recipe, Uncategorized on September 20, 2010 at 08:23

Week 32 | 9.22.2010

I’ve been spending much too much time thinking about homemade graham crackers in the past few days. My dear friend, who can apparently read my mind & mood, invited me to come along to a fire-pit s’more eating event last night. A delicious, toasty & bright evening of meeting new friends and smelling of campfire (and making my pillow smell of campfire…). All this to say I’ve been inspired by meringue, chocolate and a sticky-sweet child’s dessert.

Grahams have yet to happen, but sable breton dough will instead be forming the base of my cakes this week – buttery and versatile for tart shells, cookies or cakes. A bit of scooped, maybe whipped, ganache, some singed Italian meringue and another dessert to enjoy.


Oiy! not quite enough dough for my cakes, here’s another batch:

4 yolks

1/2 scraped vanilla bean

1/2 zested citrus fruit (lemon or orange)

160g softened butter

160g sugar


10g baking powder

225g flour


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