Inside-Out Chocolate Chunk Cookies

In chocolate, cookie on September 15, 2010 at 09:49

Week 31 | 9.15.2010

I get pretty excited every time I have a new bottle of fresh milk in the fridge, waiting to be opened. Before taking on funky smells and fridge flavors, before getting crusty at the carton lip, milk…the VERY first sip is perfectly sweet and delicious.

Nothing pairs with milk better than a warm cookie, slightly gooey from the oven. A classic chocolate chip cookie is good and fine, but I spied lovely Valhrona blanc, cacao nibs, and pink Himalayan salt on my shelf the other day. I plan to turn this chocolate chip cookie inside-out for a cocoa dough embedded with chunks of white chocolate and cacao nibs, finished with salt flakes.

Milk, I’m coming after you.


Trial run batch of cookies baked and consumed for a late evening snack. With a fresh pour of milk, of course. Tonight is a great night.


Remaining cookie dough divvied up, frozen on a cookie tray, and bagged for baking later in the week.


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