Walnut Teacakes

In breakfast, cake, nuts on September 8, 2010 at 11:48

Week 30 | 9.8.2010

Truly, I am back – after a nice long weekend, during which I took a beautiful hike with friends, enjoyed delicious cheeses made in our very own neighborhoods, and discovered a new gem in an ice cream shop. I wish we had more occasions for these adventures.

But for now, I must remember that I have a post to write and teacakes to bake! Walnuts in their shell is one of my favorite snacks, and activity. There is some sort of great satisfaction in banging away at some nut shells for an afternoon pick-me-up – tastier than shelled nuts to be sure. I just finished making another ice cream batch (finished eating it as well, sadly), which means that I have eggwhites aplenty.

Walnuts, eggwhites, chewy little teacakes? I like the sound of it. Tomorrow is for baking, today it’s time to tackle those nuts.


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