…aaaaand we’re back!

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2010 at 11:26

Week 29 | 9.1.2010

Oven is healed! although the thermostat may never be the same again. We’re taking it slow this week, like recovery after surgery.

Yesterday I baked a tray of ultra-decadent chocolate cookies and they transformed from tacky batter to crackly-moist, delicious morsels. Today I sterilized jars for jamming strawberries and I was reminded how hot glass can get without an oven mitt. All good signs.

Bakery Bites orders will be returning next week. Thank you for hanging with us in the meanwhile.

In the absence of my oven I was tempted to offer ice cream as an alternative Un-Baked Bite. Juggling the logistics of multi-batches of ice cream and dealing with the oven was too much to think about in one go but I’m open to the possibility of inserting ice cream between weeks of other bakery orders. Yay or Naysayers?


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