Coconut-Chili & Chocolate Cookies

In chocolate, cookie on July 21, 2010 at 06:28

Week 23 | 7.19.2010

I’m back! The past week has been a jumble of exciting travels, unglamorous delays, and nonstop eating and food-related activities. But Bakery Bites has returned and with cookies in store for this week’s treat to boot.

Per request from a frequent visitor I’ve dished up some ‘chocolate and spice’ in the form of coconut & chili butter cookies to be filled with whipped dark chocolate ganache. Chocolate & spice, with a bit of coconut tucked in between.


Hydration. Travel recovery.


Perked up sable dough (French butter cookies) made with ground chili flakes, dried coconut, coconut milk & a fair amount of butter.

Chocolate all over my hands and face! Chopping large blocks of chocolate never seems to become more orderly. More for nibbling : )


Another batch of sable. Another round of chocolat.


Baked. Ganache cooled, whipped & sprinkled with cayenne.


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