Hazelnut & Carrot Cake

In breakfast, cake, nuts on July 7, 2010 at 08:20

Week 21 | 7.5.2010

Wow, it’s already mid-week and the beginning of July!

Certain foods are dear to me because of how I was introduced to them. From my dad, who is perpetually curious, I first hazarded a sample of sashimi in Hawaii as a child, and over the years we have in turn taken tastes of exotic Asian snacks such as puffy basil seed or fermented rice wine dessert drinks. From my mom I have discovered that root beer floats are best made with scoops of strawberry and vanilla gelato, or that a piece of white toast with butter and sugar is a deceptively simple treat.

Another of my mom’s favorites that I have come to reach for is carrot cake. I anticipated the moist and lumpy cake with bits of orange shreds, fruits, and nuts as much as the cartoon carrot piped atop each slice. For this cake I’ve opted for some nutty hazelnuts in place of walnuts. Enjoy.


Taking care of some carrots – to grate or to steam & puree? both!

Hazels toasted & ground


Last minute decision – softened chevre & sugar for a final lift to the carroty sweetness


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