French Macarons II

In chocolate, cookie, fruit on June 23, 2010 at 07:44

Week 19 | 6.21.2010

About a month ago I dished out the latest American trend in French treats. Macarons. (Find a fun pronunciation guide here). They’re everywhere, but still not enough to go around! So here they are again.

Depending on whether I find passion fruits in the market this week, I’d like to try the filling with a white chocolate passion fruit ganache. Otherwise I’ll settle for dark chocolate and blackberry ganache from last year’s jam pile that I am slowly working my way through. (I’ve heard that jams reach their peak a few months to a year after they are first jarred, so you just may be in for a treat).


Egg separation: aging the whites. Ice cream sure to be in the works later this week : )


Shells piped, resting and waiting to dry.

Quick run to the market, I spy passion fruit!

I immediately chose the 4 smoothest globes to pocket home, until an employee split one open for me to try (picking a wrinkly, older one). The wrinkles show ripeness = sweetness. Ah, good to note.

Macarons, I have you figured out!


White chocolate passion fruit ganache & blackberry dark chocolate ganache!

  1. alice, you got feet!

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