Cherry, Chocolate & Hazelnut Napoleon

In chocolate, custard, fruit, nuts, pastry on June 15, 2010 at 08:49

Week 18 | 6.14.2010

I spent the past week waging war on the blistering heat with ice cream experiments. That leaves me LOTS OF EGG WHITES. Not quite ready to launch into another round of macarons, but a light meringue speckled with some chocolate cake crumbles and toasty hazelnuts might be just the thing. It seems condemnable to rely only on nuts and chocolate when the markets are overflowing with ripe fruit. I’ll find a way to sneak some cherries into the mix.

Tartlette pics from last week soon to come!


My fingertips are stained dark purple. The cherries are bubbling away on the stovetop and splattering me with occasional beads.


Banging away at hazelnut shells.


Delicious vanilla pastry cream. Bubble away, just long enough.


Hazelnuts are such a gem, toasted golden. Whipping up batches of fluffy meringue to air-dry in the oven.


Ah! a little morning dance. Meringue-dark ganache-vanila cream- cherry preserve, meringue-vanilla cream, meringue-cocoa.

*I realized while building my layers of cream and crisp meringue that dacquoise is the more appropriate description for this sweet, rather than the original naming napoleon. A dacquoise is a Southwestern French creation of nutty meringue disks in between buttercream or whipped cream. Fruit fillings are occasionally added or served alongside.


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