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Week 13 | 5.10.2010

It’s the last week of school. Ready, set, go! Bakery Bites, I’m ready to take you to another level…

I have received several more requests for savory bites since vols-au-vent week. Excellent. Savory pastries often means adding cheese. “Cheese Gromit! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!”

We start with choux batter – familiar from week of Chocolate Eclairs? – add gruyere, thyme, and pepper. The goal is to produce the same eggy-moist interior and puffed, crisp shell as for eclairs. Cheese for chocolate.


Never a better time to trim my herb beds. A sharp wave of fresh herbs and a handful of thyme into the batter. The preparation couldn’t be much simpler. Butter, milk, whoosh – all the flour at once, one egg at a time, then the grated cheese, herbs & spices.

The baking time is also forgiving. Minis should go for less than half an hour but the innards are still light and fluffy after 35 min…and the tops are crispy for those of us who love the scent and saltiness of burnt cheese.


Longing for Thursday afternoon when my house promises to smell like a pizzeria.

  1. These look amazing and I have been dying for something like this lately. Can’t wait to try them!

    • Thanks Jessica! the puffs are light but satisfying. You can vary the size for a snack or appetizer portions, the larger ones are more custard & eggy inside. perfect for a holiday party. hope you try them 🙂

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