Dark Chocolate Cake & Lemon Curd

In cake, chocolate, fruit on April 26, 2010 at 09:29

Week 11 | 4.26.2010

Last week I came across a bag of Meyer lemons at the office. A co-worker had generously brought in her surplus stock from her garden and I snagged a few (more than half-dozen).

Meyers seem more mischievous to me than the standard lemon – a bit of puckering sourness, a lot of fragrance, and a strange additional zing on the regular variety. They make a great candidate for some creamy lemon curd to offset the richness of a dark, flourless chocolate cake.

It’s the final week of classes [eyes-wide], May is around the corner, and I am ready for a celebration. This cake will be just the thing.


Lemon curd ready to go.


No fooling around with this [almost]  flourless dark chocolate cake. I snagged a wobbly slice out of the oven so I can compare it once its chilled and dressed up. Afternoon mental booster, yours in a few days.

Also, melted chocolate has a way of getting everywhere…


Chilled, dense and fudgey.

A layer of curd, sweetened freshly whipped cream, a dusting of cocoa.


Ehm. I definitely had chocolate cake for breakfast…with a teacup of milk and an extra dollop of cream. This is going to be a good day.

  1. :] love what you’re doing here. awesome! everything looks so delish!

  2. This was amazing. The consistancies were interesting, and I loved the whipped cream. I also really liked the box it came in.

  3. 😀 I’m discovering my interest in whipped cream. I always thought I hated it until I tried it freshly whipped. I’m glad you enjoyed it. pretty decadent huh?

  4. […] been plotting out this recipe for awhile ever since my last lemon and chocolate pairing. The cake was delicious, but in the spirit of hot weather I’ll opt for a creamy […]

  5. […] + milk chocolate. A surprisingly nice pairing. How about in the form of a flourless chocolate cake? I like that idea, with a crisp meringue top to cut through the richness of […]

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