Quince Financiers (Friands)

In cake, fruit, nuts on April 12, 2010 at 10:09

Week 9 | 4.12.2010

There used to be a small European bakery in my hometown that my mom would bring us girls to on occasional weekends. An Indian restaurant has since moved in but I still remember the almond teacakes that we would buy by the piece when we visited, the best I’ve tasted.

This week I’ll be returning to this memory with similar French-style teacakes called financiers. Actually I probably should call my cakes friands, an Australian version of financiers with additional of nuts or fruit, since I’ll be dotting the top of each teacake with a sliver of candied quince.

I’m excited! Particularly looking forward to the nutty smell of brown butter for the next few days. Think the neighbors will be jealous?


A double batch of batter hanging out in the fridge. Financier batter keeps well for a few days after being prepared. Super convenient.

Trial run (dessert) – 2 cakes baked in the toaster oven. Dusted with a good helping of powdered sugar warm from the oven.


Picture day. A couple of cakes with tea for breakfast.

I highly recommend reheating the cakes in a toaster oven, 350F for 2-3 min to get the full caramelized sugar crust effect.

  1. They were so delicious, especially toasted! Very soft and rich!

  2. I’m glad you enjoyed them :), I agree, toasted is the way to go.

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