20-Hour Apple & Spiced Bavarian Cake

In cake, fruit on March 20, 2010 at 18:40

Week 6 | 3.24.2010

I slept poorly last night, and it was entirely my own doing.

I was tempted by Pierre Herme’s 20-hour apple recipe – thinly sliced apples are layered with melted butter, sugar & spices and baked for 10 hours at the lowest possible oven setting. [The remaining 10 hours are for chilling the apples to achieve the proper consistency, i.e. melty]. I didn’t want to be oven-handicapped, particularly since I was planning on baking bread and cookies…, so I planned for most of the baking to happen overnight. As a consequence I spent most of my night making trips to the kitchen to ensure that it hadn’t gone up in flames. I can imagine my mom’s incredulous response if she only knew. =)

But look at how beautiful the apples turned out!

Truly melty, scoopable with a spoon. The cardamom, coriander, and cinnamon I sprinkled between the layers is barely detectable, more fragrance than flavor.

And what are these? I won’t say yet how they fit into the cake but a side-by-side comparison to give a sense of scale. In the 2nd photo from L-R: peanut, almond, macadamia nuts – yes I used 3 mixed nuts for those of you convinced that I got my hands on an over-sized peanut or almond…

More certainly to come.


Occasionally I wonder why I don’t make cake more often. Other than the fact that tarts clearly trump cake, I also realized by the state of my kitchen yesterday afternoon that cakes are simply more involved. Nevertheless the occasional cake that makes the cut is a joy to create and to eat (for breakfast) as well. The infamous apples that have thrown off my normal sleep schedule for the entire week now, are stunning in this dessert. Worth it I suppose.

  1. There are peanuts?!? They weren’t listed in the email. 😦

  2. No peanuts in the cake…only in the macarons (unrelated to the cake)

  3. It was delicious. 😀

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