Chocolate Pistachio Pithiviers

In chocolate, nuts, pastry on March 6, 2010 at 12:07

Week 4 | 3.11.2010

I baked up a pithivier to send to my sister last week so the finished product can be viewed ahead of time!

Pithiviers, a traditional French pastry of sweetened almond cream-paste encased in a puff pastry pie. I first learned of this treat while taking a day puff pastry course at a recently opened French bakery around the corner. I was particularly taken with a chocolate-pistachio version of this classic pastry I found online.

That was a few weeks ago. Since then several pounds of puff pastry dough (chocolate and plain) have been rolled and folded in the characteristic “turns” that layers butter between flour for the impressive puff of puff pastry. Supposedly, if you do the math, over 1000 layers of dough and butter are formed in the multiple (6) turns of folding and rolling – hence the name of another pastry, mille-feuille “thousand leaf” using this same dough. POUNDS of dough await in my freezer for this week’s creation. I am soo very excited.


Whoa! Another batch of chocolate puff pastry in the works. I thought I was prepared with my 4+ lbs of dough, but added another 2 to be on the safe side.


An evening of rolling and filling the pastries. Ready for baking tomorrow!

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