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Chestnut Bavarian w. Ginger Syrup

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Week 1 | 2.18.2010

This and the next post (Orange Chocolate Ganache Tart) will be written retroactively, since the treats have already been produced – and hopefully enjoyed.

What a (first) week for trying my hand at a host of new techniques from top to bottom – Decorating the cake with cocoa ‘paint’, glazing it with ginger syrup gelatin, formulating some sort of Bavarian cream with an unknowingly pricey can of chestnut puree I’ve been eying for some time now. Now that the cakes have long since been eaten, I can confess that this is only my 2nd attempt at a layered Bavarian. No harm there. I was happy with the results  – appearance and taste. I hope you are too.

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One treat per week – Launch!

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Bakery Bites Launch
Hello friends!

I’m sure you’ve experienced my passion for food, feeding people, cooking and baking. With the encouragement of my sister, I’m trying my hand at offering up my baked goods for sale. My plan is to provide students with delicious, unique treats, at student-friendly prices. For my first month trial period I’ll be selling my goods at a discount rate ($1-4!) in exchange for your honest feedback. I’ll supply the edibles, you guys, the commentary. By the end of February, if the response is good, I will roll out the goods at a slightly increased (to cover costs, but still affordable) price to the general public. Invite your friends!

Here’s how it works: Each week I will bake 1-2 bakery bites, such as: cream, fruit or chocolate tarts, small cakes, French pastries – shortbreads, napoleons, & financiers (nut butter cakes)… the works! Some you’ll never have heard of before, but I promise that they’ll all be worth consuming.

I will send out a Facebook and email update to a subscription list on (SATURDAY) with the pastry of the week and a brief description for order by (MONDAY) midnight. Common allergens like nuts will be noted in the description if they are in the ingredients. Feel free to email me for more ingredient details. By (THURSDAY) your pastry will be ready for pick up at Southside location of the corner parking lot of Dwight & College Ave. (The lot borders a pink house & is filled with Zipcar or City Carshare vehicles.) Or you can feel free to come by my Northside apartment later on Thursday afternoon, or by pre-arrangement. Times and details for pickups TBA. (Locations may change if demand grows or better suggestions are offered)

With any luck I will introduce you to some new favorites and develop my skills along the way. I would also greatly appreciate your help in telling your friends in the area about my endeavor. I will offer a free sample along with your order to share with any friends you’d like to introduce to “Bakery Bites”. Just make a note to me in your order and provide their name and email.

Stay posted for the first week of treats!